Freemasons can save lives today.

Sometimes I joke that our Illinois Masonic Student Assistance Program (IMSAP) is Illinois Freemasonry’s best kept secret! All the while, it shouldn't be when it has the potential to act as significant catalyst in changing lives..

Our programs have saved thousands of lives since their inception, and we want you to understand how much impact you can have in our mission.

Our training programs range from early detection of drug and alcohol abuse to bullying awareness and prevention.  Did you know that the trainings we provide in Illinois for teachers support are more than all other participating Masonic jurisdictions combined? And guess what… we continue to grow!

Our efficiency depends not only on your financial support, but, quite frankly and perhaps most importantly, it depends on YOU. We need you to introduce us to your local school districts, teachers and educators. In today’s world of school shootings, bullying, and drug and alcohol abuse we have an obligation to protect those who need us most. You can do that!

A good example of necessary involvement in protecting and helping teens’ lives is what Masons from Watseka did. You will find on this local newspaper an article about a partnership between IMSAP and the Watseka Masonic Lodge.

Contact us, get involved, and let's join our efforts to save more and more lives! You can make a huge difference, altering the course someone’s life takes.

Jennifer Ryle

IMSAP Director